You'll have this in your inboxes as well, but we wanted to get some details out there on our website too. This Saturday is our beautification/snow make-up day from 8am to 11am, for all students and interested community members.  The text of the email message you'll receive is as follows:

"As you know, this Saturday is Campus Beautification Day from 8AM to 11AM, which we are holding as a snow make-up day. This will also prevent the school from extending the school year to June 21st, and possibly delaying graduation. This will therefore be a "regular" school day, so attendance counts. There's also the added benefit of seeing everyone's smiling faces for an extra day this week, and we'd love to see the community join us as well. 

There are various tasks in and around our campus, the completion of which would be a tremendous help and benefit to all. I am attaching a prospective "menu" of options that will provide some structure to our day. Menu items run from "small plates," which are relatively simple tasks, to "mains," which are much more complicated and will take up more time and effort. We will ask students and their classes or grade levels to work through these menu items throughout the day.

We will provide water and snacks throughout the day. We strongly encourage students to bring work gloves, sunscreen, hats, sturdy shoes, and otherwise wear clothing that can get dirty." 

We have a lot we can do to make our campus look great. We have a menu of options below that student groups and classes can choose from on Saturday, ranging from short, simple tasks to those that require more effort and responsibility. Let's see if we can complete them all!