Google Suite

Parents' Ultimate Guide to Google Classroom

School districts use a variety of different online systems to manage student data and information. Our district subscribes to Infinite Campus as its Student Information System (SIS). An SIS is primarily an online platform to manage private student data, academic records, and demographic information. A Learning Management System (LMS), oftentimes separate from the SIS, primarily organizes academic information, like assignments, content or digital textbooks, and teaching materials.

Subscribing to both an SIS and an LMS can be quite expensive, especially for small schools like ours that do not qualify for volume license discounts. Fortunately, our SIS is offered to us for free from the State of Maine. We currently use free Google Suite tools as our LMS, which is easy, efficient, and cost-effective.

You may have heard about apps like Google Classroom, Gmail, and various document creation tools. But do you really know how to use them, or how teachers and students use them?

Please skim through the Parents' Ultimate Guide to Google Classroom as a great starting point.